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Information about the Science of Excellence Seminars by Dr. Maurer

Workshops, Seminars & Lectures
(Personal Development, Organizational Development Series and Additional Lectures)

Personal Development Series

Organizational Development Series

Additional Lectures

  • The Value of Fear
  • How to Get Along With Your Adult Children
  • Mentoring: The Power and Possibilities
  • The Self-Defeating Personality Identifying and Helping People Who Sabotage Success
  • The Pros and Cons of Conflict
  • The Science of Romantic Love
  • The Art and Science of Mistakes and Rejection
  • Responsibility: The Key to Happiness
  • The Power of Boredom
  • Holiday Blues: An Essential Journey
  • Food for Thought: Why We Overeat
  • Romance Made Simple
  • The Myth of Stress
  • Why People Commit Suicide: Old Myths and New Truths
  • Curing Tension Headaches
  • The Odyssey of Pain
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Why Good People Don't Always Follow Good Advice
  • The Human Need for Attention
  • Insomnia: How Not to Lose Sleep Over It
  • The Heart of the Matter: A Psychological Approach to Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease
  • The Business of Living: How to Manage Your Life as Well as You Manage Your Career
  • Sex, Lies, and Childhood Tapes: How Relationships Succeed of Fall
  • The Fork in the Road to Success
  • The Nature of Support
  • The Challenge of Change
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