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About Dr. Robert Maurer

Bob MaurerAs Director of Behavioral Sciences for the Family Practice Residency Program at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and a faculty member with the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Maurer has traveled extensively presenting seminars and consultations on a broad spectrum of issues that people face in today's societies. As a consultant to the British government in Northhampton, England, he has addressed professional organizations and government agencies abroad.

Dr. Maurer, a distinguished and effective translator of a new psychology of success, has developed over 40 seminars and lectures that highlight traits for success. Some of these are: Immunity to Stress, Why People Overeat, Getting Along With Your Children, How Successful People Succeed, The Psychology of Storytelling (for writers), How Successful People Change, Attaining What You Want: The Visionary Approach, At War With Yourself: A New Perspective On Self-Defeating Behavior.

The impact of Dr. Maurer's unique approach to personal happiness and success is reinforced by his commitment to scientific research and hands-on studies. He has researched, conducted and participated in numerous scientific research projects including the study of psychological aspects of medical problems, the behavioral ecology of the hospital treatment system, drug addiction and deviant lifestyles, human sexuality and marriage and family problems. Dr. Maurer's work at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center involves training family practice physicians in communication and counseling skills. He trains the resident doctors in recognition of early signs of psychological problems and has developed effective and brief techniques that allow the physician to intervene and assist families to cope with the emotional problems that cause or accompany illness. In addition to his continued research and his work at the hospital, Dr. Maurer lectures extensively to cancer patients and their families. His highly entertaining and uplifting programs address the question of what skills are essential to enhance physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being when facing the challenges of diagnosis and illness. Using extensive audiovisual examples, he provides practical and effective strategies for creating and sustaining healthy change when facing a health crisis. For more on the scientific investigation of excellence, please see About the Science of Excellence Seminars.

Dr. Maurer has been a guest lecturer and consultant for a number of theatrical companies around the country and has appeared on ABC/TV's "20/20" in connection with his research and work in the area of "anger." A recent Los Angeles Times profile highlighted his work with writers and the psychological challenges of their creative endeavors.

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