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Attaining What You Want

In the past, psychology's usefulness has traditionally been limited by its focus on people with problems. Recent studies, however, have centered on those who have successes in the major challenges of life, from vocation to relationship. How did they achieve the pursuit of success?

This seminar explores one of the key attributes common to all successful people: Vision - the clear sense of purpose that guides and sustains actions and emotions, particularly during times of crises. During these challenging times, people of vision and commitment are extraordinary and essential. What are the skills of the visionary and how are these skills developed and maintained? How can these skills be incorporated into one's life? This program will not only provide the remarkable research findings but will demonstrate these qualities in filmed and live interviews.

This seminar not only provides surprising answers gleaned from research but also demonstrates, in filmed interviews, the qualities common to individuals whose lives have contributed to and inspired others.

The quest for visionary life is a journey that each of us is capable of.

- The focus of this workshop will be on creating vivid dreams, discovering the path to get there, and finding the courage to travel the road.

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