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The Creative Organization

One of the essential survival skills for any organization is creativity. Successful work groups maximize the imagination and curiosity of employees to enhance existing services and products as well as to create new ways of satisfying customers. This program explores the latest scientific and corporate efforts to understand the illusive phenomena of creativity and provides insights and tools for maximizing the efforts of individuals and groups.

The topics include:

  • Common myths about the creative process.
  • The essential elements of organizational goals and vision and how they enhance or interfere with creativity.
  • How teams influence creativity.
  • Management styles that influence creativity.
  • The value of mistakes, when to encourage them and when and how to avoid them!
  • Suggestion plans - do's and don'ts.
  • Leadership styles that promote creativity.

Participants will have the opportunity to examine personal beliefs about fostering creativity in themselves and their staff and will learn strategies to sustain a curious and committed work group.

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